Participant to Participant Transfer

Participant to Participant Transfer

Deadline to transfer your registration from original registrant to a new person is January 6th, 2019.


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 Men's/Unisex XS: 18.5"
 Men's/Unisex SM: 20"
 Men's/Unisex M: 21.5"
 Men's/Unisex L: 23"
 Men's/Unisex XL: 24.5"
 Men's/Unisex XXL: 26"
 Men's/Unisex XXXL: 27.5"
 Ladies V-Neck SM: 17.5"
 Ladies V-Neck M: 18.5"
 Ladies V-Neck L: 19.5"
 Ladies V-Neck XL: 20.5"
 Ladies V-Neck XXL: 21.5"

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